Accused of a Crime? Get Legal Support.

Accused of a Crime? Get Legal Support.

Turn to our criminal defense law firm in Ridgeland, MS

Every criminal charge, from misdemeanors to felonies, should be taken seriously. Attorney Heather M. Aby is the lead criminal defense attorney at Lalor Aby & Morgan, PLLC. Heather focuses on both Mississippi State felony and federal felony matters. They help residents in Ridgeland, MS navigate criminal defense law easily. They will work hard to build you a solid defense and prepare you to face the courtroom.

Our criminal defense law firm takes on a wide variety of cases. The attorney on your case will be determined by the nature of your charge. Call 601-898-2000 now to arrange for a consultation.

Come to our attorneys with questions about criminal appeals

If you need to file a criminal appeal in Ridgeland, MS, seek help from an experienced criminal appeals attorney. The appellate process is complex, and you don't want a mistake to affect the court's decision. Your criminal appeals attorney will help you challenge the court's initial judgment and make sure you understand every aspect of the process. Your voice will be heard in the courtroom.